Ruschelle Khanna is a pain visionary. She helps people take ownership of their experience of pain by using the power of their minds to transform suffering into an enlightened period of growth. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over ten years of experience working with people from all backgrounds, Ruschelle understands that the language of pain is as diverse as those who suffer from it, yet the call to rise above our suffering is universal. She received a Masters in Social Work from Columbia University.  She has managed outpatient mental health centers throughout New York City and holds an Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Level 1 certification from the NLP Center of New York, where she continues to study hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming. Most recently she has spoken at events such as Functional Forum. She produced the 2016 Fibromyalgia Summit: Heal From Within and speaks throughout the country on a variety of topics related to chronic pain and her personal journey with Lyme disease.