Jennie Ann Freiman MD is a physician, author, blogger and founder of Oobroo Inc, a wellness company.

She attended Barnard College and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and after medical school, trained in Los Angeles and New York City. She spent the early part of her medical career on the teaching faculty of the New York Hospital-Cornell University Medical Center, followed by private practice.

The SEEDS Plan is the culmination of a lifetime interest in preserving and maximizing cognition.

Our Product of the Month is Alitura

Alitura is our choice for all natural skin care products.  You can listen to Dr. Noah interview Andy Hnilo the creator and owner of Alitura in the archive, and on the Beyond Your Wildest Genes YouTube Channel.

Our Book of the Month is The Seeds Plan – Prevent and Reverse Alzheimer’s Disease by Dr. Jennie Ann Freiman