5 Most Overrated Exercises


Some exercises become so common that few people take the time to question their validity. Perhaps they began as specialty exercises intended for use in specific contexts — by patients in rehab, for example, or by advanced bodybuilders who need the most challenging variations of certain movements. Some trainers noticed the exercises worked for those specific trainees in those specific situations and started pushing the workouts toward the middle, to be used by everyone. Over time, the exercises become a bit too popular, and they end up vastly overrated.

But keep in mind that “overrated” does not mean “bad.” It simply means there are better choices than those that are currently popular.

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Estrogens Make You Fat & What To Do About It

In our modern world, hormonal disruption has become a common issue.

Be it because of the toxicity which surrounds us or because of bodies cannot handle properly the estrogens we produce. Whichever is the case, it can lead to an estrogen overload called estrogen dominance. And aside from the male issues you might think it leads to, it can cause serious health complications for both men and women. Thinking of shedding some body fat? Want to increase strength? Stave off cancer? Have better cognition? Conceive a child? Conquer depression? Estrogen dominance can disrupt all of those.This article is not about how macho we have to be by driving down estrogen as much as possible. In fact, be it in male or female, estrogen is necessary for normal body function. It regulates a lot of body functions in both females and males, however a dysfunctional management of estrogen can spell disaster for your health.This usually translates to too much estrogen and too much of the wrong form of the hormone in the body.Estrogen comes in two broad categories: endogenous and xeno-estrogens.

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7 Morning Rituals For A Good Day

by CureJoy Editorial

There are morning people, and then there are the not-morning people. Whoever you are, what we do when we wake up sets the tone for the rest of the day. Many successful people claim that their morning ritual played a big part on the path to their success. It can be really difficult to actually get yourself to do something as soon as you wake up, but putting that effort in right now will reap mighty benefits in the future. Here are things you can do that can keep your body healthy and your mind serene and happy:

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