10 New Year’s Resolutions Trainers Wish You’d Make


The start of a new year brings with it a chance to set goals for the 365 days ahead and improve on attempts from previous years. For example, how many times did you punch the snooze button when you had planned on waking up early to work out? Whatever happened to all those healthy lunches you were going to cook for yourself on weekends? Maybe it’s time to reassess your approach. We asked top trainers and fitness pros to tell us about the New Year’s resolutions they wish their clients would make. Keep reading for their expert opinions on how you can start the year off right.

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The 4 Barriers to Fat Loss and How to Fix Them. How to Identify What’s Stopping You From Reaching Your Goal Weight


Several years ago, I decided to take a position as a kinesiologist in a bariatric medical program for the treatment of obesity. I’d spent the previous decade working with hundreds of personal training clients primarily interested in losing fat, I figured I’d have the whole North American obesity epidemic solved in, oh, maybe a week or two.

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When I tackled the Junk in my Emotional Closet, I found my Voice.

Via Anna Celestinoon

Every time we sit on our feelings or when we fail to say what’s bothering us, those unexpressed emotions accumulate like piles of clothing that no longer fit. Or like papers we no longer need.

The bigger the piles get, the messier life becomes.

“I never seem to get to it!” Jane bemoaned, as she checked into group. Cleaning out the garage has been on her action list for months along with organizing her office, sorting her kitchen drawers, and going through her closets.

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Book of the Month

 The Hidden School – Return of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman.

The Hidden School Dan Millman

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