Our Supplement of the Month is BYWGs Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium is one of the most common deficiencies in current research and is a critical part of over 200 processes in the human body.  Magnesium supplementation is suggested for many people, and can be especially helpful for improved sleep, improved mood (mild depression), muscle cramping, bone density and more. This form of magnesium, Magnesium Glycinate, is well absorbed and less irritating to the digestive system so if preferable to other forms of magnesium (others can cause diarrhea when taken in the dose that is recommended).

For the entire month of July if you use this code mag10  (case sensitive) you will receive 10% off this incredible mineral.  You can pick it up at our website at www.beyondyourwildestgenes.com or if you are local you can pick it up at the office just mention the special code.

Buy Magnesium Glycinate

Our Product of the Month for June is True Dark, an incredible company with many products focusing on stopping junk light.

TrueDark’s premium eyewear helps you manage your light exposure so you can sleep, feel and live better.   They also have special lightbulbs, flashlight / nightlight, light therapy devices, and other products to help biohack your health.

Personally Dr Noah has 2 different types of True Dark – glasses. One to wear right before bed that make Dr Noah look like Bono and another more stylish pair for regular wear that makes Dr Noah look like Tony Stark – lol.

You can check out all these products here.

Our Book of the Month is The Life Strengthening Book  by Deanna Farrugia

The Life Strengthening Book… one lesson at a time is an actively engaging book helping others grow and be inspired to live a life of positive intention with action. Most books just want to tell you how to live your life, whereas this book guides you with purpose. There are 47 lessons the reader digests and then strengthens themselves with well thought out adventures to strengthen the reader one lesson at a time. The reader is building, creating, crafting their own life portfolio and becomes their own necessary change agent. The vulnerability this book allows the reader to experience is life changing.