Brandi MacDonald and her husband run a busy family based, subluxation correction office in Edmonton, Canada. She left her leadership career when she was personally touched by the healing power of Chiropractic. Today, she is the owner of True Concepts Inc. a consulting and professional speaking company that provides leadership training to Chiropractic teams and True Concepts Seminars, a seminar company dedicated to spreading the neurological principles. Being a patient of Chiropractic first and foremost, her specialty to communicate in a different health paradigm is unrivaled.

She is the past Executive Director of the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organization, currently serving as a Board Member on the Australian Spinal Research Foundation and spends many hours volunteering for schools and speaking to students. She is the co-founder and developer of the online training program for Chiropractors called “The Vitality Shift.” Her passion is to bring the subluxation correction brand of Chiropractic to the world and be a beacon for what is possible for the public and the profession in a LIFE over pain model of care.


Hello BYWG Tribe this is Dr. Noah.  We wanted to make you aware of our carefully selected  – Product of the Month and Book of the Month for January 2018.

Our book of the month is Beyond the Mat: Achieve Focus, Presence, and Enlightened Leadership through the Principles and Practice of Yoga by Julie Rosenberg MD

Our Product of the Month is Swannies – Our Favorite and Most Stylish Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Better Sleep.

Both Julie Rosenberg (discussing her book) and James Swanwick (discussing better sleep) can be heard on the Beyond Your Wildest Genes Podcast.