New Tabata Routines


A personal trainer offers several suggestions to spice up your Tabata workout — plus, a four-move Tabata workout.

Q | I love Tabata intervals, but I’m a little burned out with my routine. Can you suggest new ways to use them?

A | Tabata intervals remain popular for good reason: They offer the same fat-loss and cardiovascular benefits as traditional cardio, but in a fraction of the time. They’re typically done by performing one exercise for 20-second bursts followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated eight times. One round takes a total of four minutes. (Learn more at “The Tabata Tune-Up“.)

If you’ve been training with Tabata for a while, you may be ready for some variety. Change it up by building supersets and circuits that combine a mix of exercises, selecting moves you can maintain at a high intensity without a breakdown in form. (Save technical lifts like Olympic cleans for another workout.)

Feel free to get creative and to tailor your workout according to the areas you want to focus on that day. Alternate between 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest, regardless of the format. (For movement ideas, check out “Build Your Own Workout Plan“.)

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There’s a Scientific Reason We’re Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice


You know it’s fall when the leaves start changing color, the air feels a little crisper at night and pumpkin spice fever starts running rampant everywhere from Starbucks to the grocery store.

If you’ve ever wondered why one of those sugar-meets-spice beverages is so hard to resist, there’s a perfectly sensible scientific explanation: The smell and taste triggers a nostalgic emotional response in our brains. The spices used in pumpkin spice products are “popular spice combinations” we associate with happy, comforting times in life — like enjoying grandma’s famous pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

“It’s not just the pumpkin spice combo, it’s that we’ve already wired a subset of those spices as ‘good’ very early in life,” Catherine Franssen, assistant professor of psychology and director of the neurostudies minor at Longwood University in Virginia, explains to CNN.

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This Is What the Happiest People Have In Common


What do the happiest people value the most? According to a new study, there are many factors that play into your overall well-being — and a good night’s sleep, solid friendships and great sex are all in the top five.

Conducted by the Oxford Economics and National Centre for Social Research in Great Britain for Sainsbury’s Living Well Index, researchers asked more than 8,250 Britons to fill out a questionnaire about their lifestyles in order to determine what really defines a happy life.

The national score was calculated using results from 18 different topics grouped into six themes: community connections, finances, relationships, health, lifestyle and environment.

The factors explain the differences between the top and bottom 20 percent of the population in quality of life and happiness:

  1. Sleep quality
  2. Support network
  3. Sex life satisfaction

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