Not yet a Goddess? This offering will give you the path, the steps, the explanations, the words and the actions necessary.

Let’s face it, we all need the something, the nudge, the imagery, the details and/or  the simple directions to the very best we can be. OK, call it getting to Goddess!

First we must find value in ourselves, determine and acknowledge our worth and finally resolve that we deserve to get to being that Goddess.  So what!!, that we need guidance and direction.  It is all set forth right here.

This 12 module program,  with all its extras,  explains how we need and can value ourselves, how to make ourselves more productive in our crazy stressful lives, how to truly care for ourselves from the very foods that we eat, the beverages that we consume, the air that that we breathe to the movements and exercises that we should be implementing to strengthen us and make us healthier, to how to get the very best sleep. Yep, it is all set forth in detail yet in easy to understand and digest steps & actions.

Each module is a full lesson in & off itself with each week’s three modules complementing the other to complete a major point. And to further complement the lessons are the bonus materials that are the worksheets & logs and special guest recordings which amplify the week’s topics.

So what did I do? I listened and relistened.  Oh,  I found the time, while driving, while taking a walk and while preparing a meal. I started to value & revalue myself and what is my goal for ME and started thinking about what I need do to get me to being a Goddess,… ok a healthier Goddess. I am taking the information, guidance and the Beyond The Wildest Genes resources with me along my path… baby step at a time.  But heck, I AM MOVING FORWARD!

This program is worth your consideration, it is chock full of all that you will need to Become Your Goddess.  May you find your way, value & Goddess self.  It begins now. 

Maureen F.