Kate Russ is a Transformation Coach and Energy Expert for Moms who feel stuck, overwhelmed, anxious and struggle with feelings of not being good enough. Kate helps Moms in healing unresolved (and often unknown) trauma cycles by helping her clients process trapped energy in the nervous system to restore balance to the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous systems. She combines somatic body centered approaches with mindset work to heal imbalances and change subconscious patterns. 

In her healing course, Motherhood Soul Revival, she pulls on her decade long career in owning and operating an alternative medicine practice with personal development to create a very grounded approach to healing. By Mom healing and reconnecting to her authentic self she is able to raise children who never disconnect from their authentic selves and breaks cycles of trauma passed down through families. Her clients report feeling more joy, vitality, vibrancy, full of hope and connection after years of feeling stuck without a way out. 

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