14 Home Remedies that can Treat Insomnia

No matter what causes insomnia but, many people complain about sleeplessness during nights. Here discussed are few home remedies which can solve your problem.

  1. Have a nosh Having bland bread, some fruits or a glass of warm milk before going to bed is an excellent thing you can do. Drink plenty of fluids before sleeping is not good because it will wake you up at midnight for urination.
  2. Ginger Boil the ginger to soak your legs every night. This method helps to relax the meridians and you can sleep better than before. But, this method is only used for mild is used for mild insomnia. Mix ginger and 500 ml ground sugar with 500ml water. Drink the moisture and soak your legs in this solution with ½ cup of vinegar for 30 minutes. This medicine is good for people suffering from insomnia.
  3. Lily You can cook 200 gm fleur-de-lis and add one egg yolk and 50grams of brown sugar and stir. Then continue steaming it for 10 minutes.
  4. Warm milk and honey Warm milk contains an amino acid called tryptophan which helps to treat insomnia and honey helps to relax muscle and spirit.

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Top 10 Androgen Killers In Your House

We live in a toxic world, and this toxicity affects androgen levels at an epidemic level

This is reflected in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. But it is also present in the products we consume and we have at least some level of control over this. What many people don’t know if that many common use items and substances found in every home can contribute to this toxic load and thus reduce the androgen levels.

There are many ways to skin a cat, and this is also true with the mechanisms of action of those products, as you’ll see below. Some of them simply act as hormonal mimickers, meaning that the body “recognize” them as estrogens. There is however other ways they can contribute to the chemical castration of the modern society.

The Big Drop

Most strength coaches with some level of experience know that it is harder nowadays to put on muscle mass than it was in the 70’s or 80’s. This is in part due to the lowering of testosterone levels since that period of time. There are other factors, but this is a big one. In a study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, Thomas G. Travison, Ph.D, of the New England Research Institutes (NERI) in Watertown, Mass., and lead author of the study said: “Male serum testosterone levels appear to vary by generation, even after age is taken into account.”

“In 1988, men who were 50 years old had higher serum testosterone concentrations than did comparable 50-year-old men in 1996. This suggests that some factor other than age may be contributing to the observed declines in testosterone over time.” Keep in mind, this is only a span of eight years.

So in other words, men today are less male than their fathers and grand-fathers. And it’s not going to stop there, as medical authorities keep lowering the standards for what is considered low testosterone

How Low Is Low

Two decades ago, the range for normal testosterone was between 500 to 1500 ng/dL. Meaning that below 500 ng/dL, you were considered eligible to hormonal support therapy. Nowadays, the bottom range to be considered low testosterone is merely 300. Not accounting for the fact that there is a five-fold difference in the range from bottom to top, this is about the same amount as an geriatric vegetarian stamp collector. No Bueno!

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Surprising Mental And Physical Health Benefits Of Spirituality

Let’s get one thing straight. Although religion or faith is connected to spirituality, spirituality is beyond religion. They are two different things. The aim of all religions is to attain that spiritual mental state. Awareness of the common spirit that resides in all creations on earth is spirituality. Humans are the only creatures that can achieve this state of mind. However, the certain illusions delude us and we get caught up in life, without realizing the true meaning and purpose of our existence.

Ancient Hindu seers called this illusion as ‘maya’. Spirituality helps unveil this blanket of maya and allows us to see things in life as they really are. False assumptions and incorrect perceptions mislead us and cause unhappiness. Spirituality has healing powers and can transform our life. Here are some major benefits of spirituality.

1. Improve Mental And Physical Health

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