[BYWG BLOG] What Does “Wellness” Mean?

There are a variety of things that come to mind when we consider overall wellness. 

And it may vary from person to person.

But when we look at all of the areas of our lives that bring joy and peace – and also stress – we must broaden our outlook beyond just the physical aspect of wellness (fitness and nutrition).

Below are eight aspects of wellness:

✔️ Physical – includes exercise, movement, nutrition, sleep

✔️Intellectual/Mental – increase understanding, improve skills, open to new ideas and continually challenge yourself.

✔️ Environmental – living in an environment that promotes good health and well-being

✔️ Spiritual –  our values, faith, how we foster relationships, and the meaning and purpose of our lives.

✔️ Emotional – ability to handle life’s stresses, adapt to change, cope with difficult times and create satisfying experiences.

✔️ Social – feeling of connection, support and belonging in a community

✔️ Financial – satisfaction, independence and peace with current and future financial situations.

✔️ Occupational – satisfaction and enrichment from work.


Do you feel that you incorporate all of these aspects into your overall lifestyle?

Any one area that you do really well with? Or struggle with?